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St. Stanislaus Cemetery Rules & Regulations

NO artificial Flowers OR decorations

Upright Monument Lots: NO PERRENIALS (plants that grow from year to year). Planting of only annual flowers, is permitted in front of the base of the monument in the 12” area on the burial side. NO Shrubbery or bushes of any kind (including Azalea and Rose bushes). NO Hosts or Pachysandra, NO WOODCHIPS, MULCH, stones, fences, vases, statues, balloons, or bric-brac of any description.

Use dirt or topsoil ONLY

Non Monument Lots - (single graves, footstone) Potted Plant or flower box, placed on the footstone, will be allowed for only 7 days after a holiday. Anything dug into the soil will be immediately removed.  If you have any questions or doubts, please call the Rectory at (203) 235-6341 and we will be very happy to help you. Thank you for your cooperation.




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SS. Peter & Paul Cemetery     

Please clean up and take all trash, weeds, debris (etc.) with you when leaving the cemetery.  Thank you